The painter who adds colour to quality

In choosing Wijnands House Painting, you choose quality. Whether it’s interior painting, exterior painting, regular maintenance or specialized applications; with years of experience, clear communication, acknowledged quality labels and an extensive warranty, you can rest assured that your paintwork is in good hands.

House painting in Amsterdam

Interior and exterior paintwork are very important in maintaining your house’s quality. By regularly checking and maintaining your exterior paintwork you can prevent the wood from rotting and the paint from peeling off. Also, your building will keep it’s beautiful, fresh look. Perhaps you’d like to change your house’s atmosphere or colour. Perhaps it’s time for your company to change it’s atmosphere or colour. We provide complete renovation of your house’s facade, with beautiful varnished wood. Bathrooms without tiles that have beautifully painted walls. Your front door, newly varnished. We can help you make the right choices by giving advice on style and technical matters. Do you need any of your paintwork done in Amsterdam, Wijnands Schilderwerken would be glad to help.

Interior and exterior house painting

Painting your house can mean two things: interior painting and/or exterior painting. Both kinds of work demand a different approach and planning. In interior painting, for example,  it’s important to use colors that match your furniture. Also, you can choose in which degree the paint should be glossy. Would you prefer a glossy or a matte layer of paint? In exterior painting, the quality and the attention you give the work are of great importance. Because of the weather, the paintwork has a lot to endure, so it’s important to use the best products and the right techniques. This is why we only work with professionals.

How much will it cost

How much the paintwork will cost depend on your wishes, the size of your building and the state it’s in. We’d gladly discuss the possibilities. Wijnands Paintwork represents excellent customer service and qualified craftsmanship combined with the right price and an extensive warranty. Because of our collaborations like our close collaboration with Sikkens, we can guarantee that we offer the best quality. For more information on costs and our possibilities, feel free to take a look at our website and apply for a quote without any obligations.
In Amsterdam’s surroundings, we’d also gladly be of service. If your house is located in Diemen, Weesp, Amstelveen, Zaandam or one of Amsterdam’s other suburbs, we can always offer you a good deal.

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