A new look for more peace in your home

For this project, we have chosen a look and colour together with our client to transform her home into one comprehensive style. Below you can see the result of our project.

We realised this project in a Hilversum home with a private client. Our client wanted to create more peace and quiet in her home. She was looking for a way to integrate the kitchen and living room. Through consultation, we came to the concrete look in the color Evening Shadow.

Evening Shadow gives a powerful but quiet atmosphere in the house. The gray tones of the sofa and chairs were also a good match for this color. Together with the neutral white of the other furniture and skirting boards, this forms an excellent basic palette. Then with different attributes color could be applied to taste. Because the base is so simple and timeless, there can be endless variety with the furnishings of the room and kitchen. Both the customer and we are very satisfied with the end result of the concrete look.

Materials used and method

As a basis, the walls were first pre-treated with the primer WallPrim. This is done to stabilize the substrate so that the concrete plaster can stick well. Then the Evening Shadow was applied to the wall with a roller. To make the whole thing water repellent a sealer was applied over it with a brush.

This is especially useful in the kitchen where the walls sometimes get a hard time due to moisture or grease splashes. The sealer is matt and not high gloss, so you do not see it. The kitchen has a quiet, powerful appearance and is also well protected! By using a sealer it is possible to use the concrete look in a bathroom.

Evening Shadow is paint from Pure & Original. For other concrete looks, we have also used paint from Pure & Original. Read more about our wall finish and the concrete look Marrakech here.

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