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Our warranty guarantees

  • That any defects in paintwork carried out by us will be remedied during the warranty period. See conditions. In short, the most important conditions: the damage must be related to the paintwork, the paintwork must be properly maintained, and the paintwork has not been worked on by third parties in the meantime.
  • That the paintwork, depending on the chosen painting method, will offer the right protection on the applied surface and will not cause any damage to it.
  • The quality of the paint system meets the quality requirements of the manufacturer. And therefore, will not seriously discolor and/or powder.
  • That all the applied paintwork is applied according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • That the applied paint system is the right one for the surface to be treated.

Some examples of when you can make a warranty claim

  • Strongly discolored paint
  • Chipping paint within three years
  • Dripping and sagging paint
  • Deviations that have not been carried out in accordance with the quotation

Warranty certificate

After the work has been carried out, you will receive the official warranty certificate from us. With this certificate in your hands, you will always have an overview of the warranty periods and conditions. Besides, it offers you, for example, the opportunity to demonstrate that your home has been professionally maintained in the event of a transfer of the home to a new owner.

Our warranty conditions are in line with the warranty conditions of our most important partners Sikkens and De Betere Schilder.

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