History of the Red Light District

In the 15th century, the Red Light District was the place where it all happened: ships full of merchandise moored here. Sailors who had been at sea for months stayed around the harbour for weeks before they chose to go to sea again. So, the centre originated here and it was a busy place with shops, cafes and girls for entertainment. After all, they were not to be found at sea.


Faded glory?

The potential of this corner building was certainly there, but it did not come into its own. Wood rot, peeling paint and weathered colors made it look like “just a dilapidated building on the Red Light District”, like faded glory. A shame, because the Red Light District is a beautiful area. So, we joined forces with the carpenter and plumber, went up the scaffolds and beautifully repaired, varnished and painted everything again.

Turning the tide

With the right care for this house, we made use of the house’s hidden potential and managed to turn the tide. Now, this house is no longer a just another dilapidated building on the Red Light District, but a stately building on the Red Light District. That is an important difference. Not only for the owner, but also for the appearance of the Red Light District itself. We are happy to contribute to this.

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