Behind the facade

Hotel Prins Hendrik has existed for a couple of hundred years already, but up until 1900, it was made up from 11 little bars with sleeping quarters for sailors. By now all these properties are connected through hallways and little staircases. Yet, you can still see the individual characters of the properties when inside – very surprising, not at all something you expect.

A hotspot on the Red Light district

We were called upon to help because the horrible paintwork: The walls were peeling, and the fencing was rusty. On top of that, there was a leaking gutter. The whole building needed work, especially the ground floor. This is because of where the building is located. In the center of the Red Light District and thus overrun with tourists the buildings in this area have to suffer quite a bit. Which makes intensive maintenance very essential.

Monumental colors

We started restoring the building to its former glory. To start we disassembled, blasted, galvanized and powder coated the rusty fencing in the monumental RAL-color 1014 (mustard yellow). The walls were repaired by a plasterer with a cement-bound stucco. A plumber carefully went over all the plumbing, and we thoroughly varnished the carpentry with RAL-color 9001 (crème-white). The walls were painted with RAL1015 (a light ivory color)

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