Wijnands relieves the burden

Painting, wood restoration, new window frames, replacing joints, new zinc work? At Wijnands we offer total facade maintenance, so you can easily hold everything in one hand. Do you wonder what is needed for your facade? Wijnands offers advice on total maintenance. With the right advice and implementation, we make your facade future-proof.

Substantive Knowledge

A facade consists of many different parts. Brick facades, wooden gables, window frames, ornamental details, lifting beams… the list is inexhaustible. Facades can consist of complex or simple compositions. We at Wijnands have studied all aspects, from the technical side to the finishing details in the woodwork. In addition to these specialist activities, we are also interested in our clients; this personal attention makes our work enjoyable and only this way can we deliver the highest quality.

Wijnands advises

Sometimes only minor interventions are required to restore the entire appearance of a facade. In other cases, a lot has to be done. We keep the bar high in order to create the best results. The basis for this is our research and advice. With our knowledge of (monumental) buildings, we not only think along with you about the final appearance but also guarantee the futureproofing of your facade. For the entire facade, from wood rot repair, cracks in the brickwork to the restoration of stained glass, we use the best specialists to advise. We also have relationships with monument conservation to test our and your ideas on feasibility.

A team of specialists in a monumental city

We want to provide you with the most beautiful facade without you having to worry about the execution. That is why we work with teams of specialized professionals; so there is always someone ready for a specialist job. A torn facade due to a sagging foundation? A new type of wooden cladding for a new look? We have the right people! Our specialists know what the best constructions are from a technical point of view, which window frames best fit a traditional bell gable or what possibilities there are for the correct drainage of rainwater.

Different tasks, different parties

Work on the facade involves many different tasks, parties and, therefore, employees. Wijnands arranges all coordination with all external parties and residents. You don’t have to arrange anything.  We coordinate everything and provide you with a single point of contact.

Totaal gevelonderhoud nodig?
Totaal gevelonderhoud nodig?
Totaal gevelonderhoud nodig?
Totaal gevelonderhoud nodig?
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