Your monument in good hands

You are the proud owner of a monumental building. But how do you maintain such a building? What special care does your building need? What subsidies are available? And how do you preserve the beautiful old details on the facade when renewing or maintaining your building?

A monumental building has special instructions. The maintenance of monumental buildings involves technical complexities. The doors and window frames often have non-standard dimensions, the gutter constructions are complex. Doors and decorative elements are also laborious.

Wijnands involves you into the process

We take care of the maintenance down to the last detail! We take you along in the work – and guide you through the process. First, we ensure that there is a plan for the correct implementation with a complete picture of the work. Our focus is on a high-quality result and we do everything we can to achieve that. We are the ones to arrange the permits for any work. And all this so that you experience the least worry and inconvenience!

We love old cityscapes

Wijnands not only relieves you of your worries but also offers you the highest quality! We immerse ourselves in our clients and our profession. With great respect for the past and historical details, we work with the most modern tools on the Amsterdam buildings. We invest our attention and time in learning about the history of the building and the wishes of the client.

Our speciality is in the professional repair, restoration and painting of old Amsterdam buildings, offices and hotels. In addition to painting, we also provide extra services, such as carpentry, wood rot treatment and facade repair – done by highly specialised craftsmen who know everything about old buildings.

Your reliable partner!

As a specialist, Wijnands Schilderwerken is the perfect partner. We contribute to the appearance of the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Request a quote immediately for your monumental building to shine!

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