Time for maintenance for owners associations!

Is it time for periodic maintenance? The Owners Association bears joint responsibility for the maintenance of a property, but this joint responsibility can involve complexity. How does your owner’s association determine, for example, whether, in addition to the paintwork, maintenance of the entire exterior facade is also necessary?

No hassle with deciding within your Association

Are you looking for a partner to get through a maintenance project carefree? Wijnands Schilderwerken works with attention to personal detail. With our service, we relieve you of all your worries. Like no other we know how important maintenance is for the value of real estate. Our professionals know exactly what is needed to protect this value!

Maintenance without worries

Wijnands Schilderwerken takes the worry out of your hands. With our solid craftsmanship and service, we have been partners of owner’s associations for many years. Our service goes beyond the painting job. With attention to your wishes, the coordination of the planned work and clear agreements.

The partner for your association

Our way of working: personal attention makes our work enjoyable. We take care of the planning and coordinate it with the partners involved in the maintenance. In addition to the paintwork, we also help with all needed maintenance. As a partner, we like to think along with you. If further work is required, we will organise it. Naturally, we are the point of contact for all those involved.

Je partner voor de VVE
Je partner voor de VVE
Je partner voor de VVE
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