When do you use primer?

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Why using primer is essential

When to use a primer is a frequently asked question. In this blog we explain what priming is, and what we use it for. Primer is a product we use to fix strong and/or irregular absorbing surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Primer prevents the paint from irregularly dividing on the wall, which would result in visible color difference and application structures. Also, without using primer, the paint could peel off because without primer the paint does not adhere well to the powdering substrates. Therefore it’s a good preparation for further treatment of the wall, such as painting, plastering or spachtelputz. If you prefer to watch the instruction on film? Click here to watch the instruction film on painting newly plastered walls. The film also explains how to use primer.

When do you use primer?

We always test whether the wall needs priming beforehand. This can be done by wiping the wall with a wet cloth or sponge. If the surface sucks up the water quickly, a primer is needed. For non-absorbent surfaces a primer is not necessary. By testing the substrate we avoid unnecessary waste of time and money.

How do we apply primer?

Primer is applied with a brush and roller. Make sure to apply the primer in the right way; spread evenly. Primer is as liquid as water, but if it leaks without being spread you will later see it through the paint layer. It can then become visible as a bulge or shiny spot. We always work from top to bottom to prevent the dripping. And we always start with the ceiling. Always read the instructions on the packaging carefully before using the primer.

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Which primer is needed?

There are many different brand of primer on the market. Wijnands Schilderwerken always uses the primer products of Sikkens. Their collection consists of a number of different primers for all kinds of surfaces. Therefore it is important to know which material the surface is made up of, before choosing the appropriate primer. Especially in wet areas such as bathrooms or outdoors, it is important to pay close attention to which primer is needed. The adhesion of the surfaces is even more important here, because moisture can easily penetrate a wrongly painted layer.

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