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Wood rot repair

Do you suffer from rotten sills, tarnished window frames or crashed balustrades? Wijnands Schilderwerken is a specialist in wood rot repair. Our professionals are Repair Care certified and can tackle any form of wood rot. We combine this craftsmanship with far-reaching guarantees and crystal-clear communication – before, during and after the job.

The power of wood

Woodwork gives a building just that little bit of extra character. A feared enemy is wood rot. It can be a big problem in thresholds, window frames, doors and other wooden parts, and is sometimes lurking sooner than you think. For example, as a result of poor ventilation, or too thinly applied or weathered paintwork. Moisture finds its way through the paintwork, with wood rot as an unfortunate result.

At Wijnands we understand the value of authentic woodwork, why that value must be preserved and how it should be preserved. Over the years, we have specialised in wood rot repairs. With the monumental city of Amsterdam as our work environment, we have all the expertise in-house to professionally repair wood rot. With which we guarantee that it will not come back.

Wood rot repair specialist

For many years we have been a leading company in tackling and repairing wood rot problems in Amsterdam. We bring a building back to its original state and at the same time provide renewed protection. From the newest homes to the oldest characteristic canal houses. We not only do this very carefully but also very sustainably. Our professionals work with the Repair Care repair system.

Let us convince you with our recently completed wood rot repair projects in and around Amsterdam.

Wood rot repair and remediation

We carefully inspect all the woodwork in your building. Including the hard-to-reach places that are usually looked over. Before we start painting, we completely remove all affected wood until only healthy wood remains – this is because wood rot spreads under the new layer of paint – not with chisels or other tools, but with a special machine. With this machine, the wood structure is preserved and the adhesion is optimal. In this way, no moisture can penetrate into the wooden parts and the occurrence of problems is prevented.

Experience has taught us that polyester filler or acrylic sealant is not suitable for outdoor painting. It is cheap, but not durable.  A much better alternative is to use a good 2-component epoxy in wood rot repairs. With these epoxy putties, every weak spot in the wood is permanently repaired. After repairing wood rot from Wijnands, all the woodwork is as good as new. And your building will once again be the eye-catcher of the street.

Want to know what we can do for you? Ask for a quotation free of any obligation.

Preventing wood rot

Symptoms of wood rot must be treated immediately. The sooner, the better. Treating wood rot at an early stage may prevent high costs. In some cases, repair is no longer an option. Frames, window sections or doors must then be (partially) replaced. In this case, we supply and install everything necessary. Nevertheless, prevention is better than restoring. Cliché, but true. Find out how to recognise wood rot here.

Warranty on wood rot repair

We are sure of the quality we deliver. With our expert wood rot repairs, we prevent wood rot from coming back. We guarantee this. We offer a 5-year warranty on the executed wood rot repairs. So that you can also be sure of our high quality.

Customer experiences

  • 9.6

    Bozzie from Amsterdam

    Everything went perfectly, and the work was done quickly and professionally. All staff was nice and friendly. The result looks great. I would certainly hire them again.

  • 9.2

    Ewoud from Amsterdam

    I enjoyed working with them. There was always time for deliberation and the team that was on sight were always very polite and tidy. Good quality work and very good communication with the owners.

  • 9.5

    Suzanne from Amsterdam

    They delivered great work. They worked nicely, for any extra repairs and work they checked in to see if it was okay with me first, I thought this was very nice. They worked very tidily, cleaned everything up and didn't leave any trash behind. Very nice painters!

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