Indian neighborhood

About 130 years ago, this was a polder area. Farmers fought a constant battle against the whims of the water. The Zeeburgerdijk did not always offer sufficient protection and sometimes broke through. This came to an end when the Ringdijk was constructed and the area was dried with windmills. This is how the Indian neighborhood came into being. It owes its name to the adjacent Eastern Docklands. From here, large seagoing vessels regularly departed for the Dutch East Indies

Major maintenance

Nothing had been done about this building for a long time, which could be seen most clearly in the dilapidated paintwork. There had been leaks and wood rot as a result. So, it was time for some major maintenance. In cooperation with our carpenters, we were able to bring everything back to its original state. The building is equipped with new sills and beautiful new paintwork.

Pride of the street

The Eerste Atjehstraat is a beautiful street. It has nice homesĀ and rich history. That is why it is so beautiful that we have been able to preserve the old names on the facade. History is something to be proud of, otherwise, we wouldn’t have been there.

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