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Facade cleaning

Is your house in need of facade cleaning? You've come to the right place. Our heart lies with the beautiful Amsterdam canal houses and their characteristic facades. As a leading painting company, we know better than anyone what the value of that characteristic appearance is. And why that value must be preserved. And also how it can be preserved. Our professionals have years of experience in cleaning authentic facades. With excellent service, extensive warranty conditions and crystal-clear communication, we are ready for you.

Facade cleaning by professionals

Do you suffer from a dirty or damaged exterior wall? Or does it just not look so beautiful anymore? With our facade cleaning, you are assured of the very best quality. Quality, as you expect it to be. We bring a building back to its original appearance. But with spotlessly clean façades. At the same time, we provide renewed protection and, if necessary, tackle the jointing work. For an extra beautiful appearance, we clean facades through sandblasting or high-pressure. Ask for an offer without obligation. Because we are happy to tell you what we can do for you.

Why clean facade?

Contaminated facades are not only aesthetically irresponsible but can also have negative consequences for the state of repair of your home. A facade can be polluted by many different factors. Think, for example, of fungal and salt results. Algae and mosses retain moisture and thus creep further and further into the masonry – sometimes even up to the inside of your house. This can cause frost damage in the cold. To prevent damage (and therefore costs), facade cleaning is necessary from time to time. And of course, it is very nice when your home is the eye-catcher of the street again.

Take a look at the projects below of beautiful buildings of which we have professionally cleaned the facades.

Facade cleaning by sandblasting

Sandblasting is one way of cleaning the facade. Also known as Torbo blasting. A light form of sandblasting, which is less harmful to your facade than normal sandblasting. With this facade cleaning technique, we spray a mixture of water and abrasive against the facade. We adjust the amount and pressure manually, depending on the vulnerability of the stone to be treated. This makes it an ideal wall cleaning method for monumental buildings because the vulnerability of the obsolete bricks can be taken into account. A lasting authentic radiance is guaranteed.

Wall cleaning by pressure cleaning

The mildest way of cleaning the facade is with the high-pressure cleaner. Hot water is sprayed onto the facade under high pressure. We use this technique to remove moss and dirt, smoke remains or graffiti on external walls. This means that no chemicals are used. That is why this facade cleaning method is ideally suited for monumental buildings with their more porous, vulnerable stones.

Impregnation of facades

Prevention is better than cure. Cliché, but true. Tackling advanced fluid problems can be very extensive while preventing them is relatively easy. The solution? Impregnating the outer wall with a water-repellent, in other words: hydrophobic. The impregnation of the outer walls is done with Sikkens Alpha Si, a colourless, water-based impregnating agent that can be applied to dry and damp walls.

Before impregnating, we carefully inspect the facade for cracks and fissures. We expertly restore any damage in the jointing. Once the impregnating agent has been applied, it penetrates into the wall. Other holes and cracks will be closed. This way, we guarantee the best quality. Durable quality. Because the wall is not only moisture-repellent but also protected against mosses, algae and salt deposits.

How we work

What do we mean by service? Clear communication, transparency and taking the time. For you and for the job. Also, we take the time to go through the job in detail with you – in advance, in plain, clear language. An honest and insightful story. We are happy to include our expert advice on this. Our professionals have years of experience in cleaning authentic Amsterdam facades. We will always advise you on the correct way to treat the stone. If necessary, we will also apply for permits for you. Do you want to know what we can do for your facade(s)? Then you can request a quote here.

Customer experiences

  • 9.6

    Bozzie from Amsterdam

    Everything went perfectly, and the work was done quickly and professionally. All staff was nice and friendly. The result looks great. I would certainly hire them again.

  • 9.2

    Ewoud from Amsterdam

    I enjoyed working with them. There was always time for deliberation and the team that was on sight were always very polite and tidy. Good quality work and very good communication with the owners.

  • 9.5

    Suzanne from Amsterdam

    They delivered great work. They worked nicely, for any extra repairs and work they checked in to see if it was okay with me first, I thought this was very nice. They worked very tidily, cleaned everything up and didn't leave any trash behind. Very nice painters!

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