Plumber Amsterdam

Looking for a professional plumber in Amsterdam? Also for plumbing, you have come to the right place. Our specialism goes much further than just traditional painting. With our passion for the complete renovation of old Amsterdam canal houses, we also offer plumbing work. Our plumbers are specialised in the interior and exterior work of canal houses, but also work with new buildings. With excellent service, extensive warranty conditions and crystal clear communication, we are ready for you in Amsterdam.

Plumbing work

Expertly repairing, restoring and rehabilitating (old) Amsterdam buildings – that is our speciality. From the very latest houses to the old canal houses and characteristic mansions. We are happy to take care of the total maintenance of your property. That is why we offer a wide range of services, including plumbing work, at your service. Our plumbers can be used for all plumbing work on your home. Both inside and outside.

Plumbing outside

Our skilled plumbers and roofers can take care of all the plumbing work outside. From rain pipes and rainwater drains to zinc and plumbing. A team of fanatical craftsmen is at your service. They take the time for you and your job. And to discuss them with you. Simply, in clear language. Clear and transparent. Just as our quotations are, which you can request without any obligation.

Leadwork Amsterdam

Leadwork is often found in monumental buildings in Amsterdam. Lead cladding of facades, roofs and chimneys gives a beautiful, authentic look. Important to maintain that authenticity. Lead is a durable material and can last for decades. Disclaimer: periodic maintenance remains necessary.

Leadwork is made-to-measure.

Every building is different. That is why professional assembly is required. With our years of experience in the plumbing of Amsterdam canal houses and new construction, we have built up a large network of specialists. We work with professionals. Professionals with an eye for detail. Our plumbers offer the best plumbing and always deliver quality work. Request a free quote now.

Rainwater drainage

Rainwater drainage is essential for the maintenance of your home. You prevent stagnant water on the roof (which is disastrous for hygiene and the quality of rainwater) and even possible water damage. That’s why controlling rainwater drainage is one of our plumbing activities.

There are different styles of rainwater drainage and rainwater systems of different materials. The rainwater drainage pipe (rain pain) in the new building is often made of PVC. On monumental buildings in Amsterdam, we have traditionally seen rainwater drainage systems in the form of zinc. These zinc pipes and fittings fit in better with the appearance of the characteristic canal houses. Want to know what best suits your home? We’d love to catch up with you. Request a free quote now.

Plumbing inside

Our plumbers have been taking care of the plumbing work in Amsterdam for years. They are happy to be at your service. With a bulk of experience and highly specialised knowledge from a wide range of projects. From new construction to renovation and from repair to renovation. Think of the installation of boilers, the installation of new central heating systems and the replacement of radiators.

How we work

For us, service is inextricably linked to the quality of the plumbing work. Which is why clear communication is very important to us. Before, during and after the project. And we take the time to go through a job with you. We are happy to include our expert advice on this. For example, about which construction fits your home (and which one doesn’t). The foreman on the project will support you in every way possible with questions. And so do we, from the office. Throughout the entire job, we are your point of contact and we keep an eye on the work. Short lines and an honest and insightful story. It’s a pleasure to work with you.

Customer experiences

  • 9.6

    Bozzie from Amsterdam

    Everything went perfectly, and the work was done quickly and professionally. All staff was nice and friendly. The result looks great. I would certainly hire them again.

  • 9.2

    Ewoud from Amsterdam

    I enjoyed working with them. There was always time for deliberation and the team that was on sight were always very polite and tidy. Good quality work and very good communication with the owners.

  • 9.5

    Suzanne from Amsterdam

    They delivered great work. They worked nicely, for any extra repairs and work they checked in to see if it was okay with me first, I thought this was very nice. They worked very tidily, cleaned everything up and didn't leave any trash behind. Very nice painters!

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