From sliding to tilt-and-turn

Do you want to replace your sliding window by a tilt-and-turn window? Wijnands is the right address for that. We have a passion for the authenticity of historic buildings. We understand how important it is to preserve the original appearance of your windows. We ensure that the system of your window is renewed, while the historical appearance remains the same. At Wijnands, clear communication and excellent service are key, in addition to craftsmanship.

What is a Tilt & Turn window?

Frames and windows determine the appearance of your premises. However, older sliding windows also have certain disadvantages. They can cause problems such as misting up of windows, draughts, poor sound insulation and even rotting. The window may also not slide smoothly. These kinds of problems can be annoying, especially in such a rainy country as the Netherlands. At Wijnands we are pleased to help you solve these kinds of problems, without losing the authenticity of your sliding windows. One way of doing this is by installing tilt-and-turn windows. This system can be used to open both vertically inwards and partially horizontally downwards.

We manufacture some of the necessary wooden components ourselves in our own workshop. Another part is delivered by our reliable and professional partners. This allows us to guarantee quality and fast installation. We use mahogany for all our components: a stable, solid wood type. We are specialized in preserving the authenticity during the making and placing of the wooden frames. Thanks to the precise craftsmanship of Wijnands your new, improved window will retain its historical character.

We place double glazing (HR++) in the tilt and turn windows. This insulates your house better and prevents drafts: great for you and for your energy bill. Double glazing also keeps out the noise of the city. Moreover, you can easily keep the windows clean, and the system is burglar-proof.

How do we install a tilt-and-turn window?

At Wijnands it is possible to replace both the window and the entire frame. In order to preserve the historical and authentic character of the building, the old elements of the sliding windows are maintained as much as possible. We do this by neatly removing the architraves and window parts before we place the new, custom-made window in the frame. If the old window frame is still in good condition, we use the space of the sash weights to place the new window frame. The old parts are then adapted to fit the new tilt-and-turn window. Finally, any gaps are insulated, and everything is neatly painted. By working this way, we ensure that the appearance of the sash window is preserved.

What are possible accessories for a tilt-and-turn window?

At Wijnands we do everything possible to preserve the authenticity of your premises during the replacement of your sash window. When installing a tilt-and-turn window we offer several accessories in order to adapt the window as much as possible to your desired style.

Warranty conditions

In order to meet the promised quality, we offer a ten-year guarantee on frames and windows. This guarantee applies to problems with, for example, water and wind tightness and colour adhesion of the window frames. We offer a five-year guarantee on glazing. For example, we offer warranty for condensation or dirt between the double glazing. There is a two-year guarantee on hinges and locks.


Maintaining the appearance of your premises is always of great importance. In the case of monumental buildings, this appearance is not only desirable, but often mandatory. At Wijnands we ensure that the appearance of your premises remains the same. Nevertheless, it is important to know in advance for which activities you need to apply for a permit for your building.


Since we make the frames and window parts ourselves or have them made to measure for your building, prices may differ per building and per order. We would be happy to visit you to examine the condition of your sash windows and discuss your wishes. During this visit we will discuss the costs of the work with you.

Customer experiences

  • 9.6

    Bozzie from Amsterdam

    Everything went perfectly, and the work was done quickly and professionally. All staff was nice and friendly. The result looks great. I would certainly hire them again.

  • 9.2

    Ewoud from Amsterdam

    I enjoyed working with them. There was always time for deliberation and the team that was on sight were always very polite and tidy. Good quality work and very good communication with the owners.

  • 9.5

    Suzanne from Amsterdam

    They delivered great work. They worked nicely, for any extra repairs and work they checked in to see if it was okay with me first, I thought this was very nice. They worked very tidily, cleaned everything up and didn't leave any trash behind. Very nice painters!

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