Wall finish

Wall finishing

You're looking for a special wall finish? An authentic result that suits your style and your home? Then you have come to the right place. Our wall finishes make a room come into its own. With a generous portfolio of very diverse clients, we guarantee wall finishes with a beautiful result. And the very best quality. Quality as you expect it.

Advice on wall finishing

There are many possibilities in the field of wall finishing. Whether you want a room to look large and spacious, or homely and cosy – the possibilities are endless. But choosing is not always easy. We will be happy to advise you on this. Our experts know what the wall finish does to a room. It makes the room. We look for the right combination of styles, colours and methods of wall finishes. Here we look at the entire room. From wall to frame and from plinth to ceiling. Forms of and in the space, the incidence of light and colour areas are important here. And of course your wishes. In this way, we can achieve an aesthetically pleasing result that suits your taste. But especially for the space.

Wall finish specialist

We are the specialist in wall finishes based on natural materials in the Amsterdam region. Only the best raw materials and natural pigments are used to make the paints. These products give the interior of the house an authentic and natural look. The walls become part of the interior. We work with Pure & Original, a Dutch paint label that is produced with respect for people and nature. The paints meet the strictest legal environmental requirements. And that makes us happy. Be inspired below by our most recent wall finishing projects.

Wall finish with products from Pure & Original

Concrete look

Concrete look walls give rooms a chic and robust look. Tough and stylish at the same time. The walls are not uniformly colored but have a cloudy pattern such as concrete. The surface feels silky soft and is very matt. Applying several layers creates an increasingly wild pattern. For this, we work with Marrakech Walls. A 100% mineral environmentally friendly paint that gives a soft concrete look. At the moment of drying, the applicator processes the paint on the wall with a spatula. Through his experience and eye for craftsmanship, a sensual, subtle and luxurious wall finish with a beautiful concrete look is created. Real’ concrete is usually grey in colour, but the Marrakech Walls is available in more than 100 colours. Moreover, this product can be made water-repellent by applying a sealer.

Lime paint

A special and authentic wall finish can be achieved with lime paint. Lime paint is extremely matt and – by applying several layers – gives interesting shades and colour nuances – wall finish with a weathered, aged look. Over time, the result will evolve and become even more beautiful and natural. Lime paint from Pure & Original is a natural paint, perfect for a traditional wall finish. Different application techniques are possible, each with its own unique look. Moreover, lime paint is bacteria and fungus resistant, fire retardant and 100% durable. When you think of lime, you think of white. But lime paint can be mixed in numerous colours to create the right atmosphere.


Kalei is the solution for a robust wall finish, where the original structure remains visible. Kalei-ing is a combination of plastering and painting. The thick layer of paint applied keeps the structure of the bricks and joints visible. The number of layers partly determines the appearance of the kaleidoscope paint. Perfect for authentic finishing of exterior walls, because the Pure & Original kaleidoscope paint is rain and weather resistant. Kalei has the popular characteristic of showing colour nuances in humid weather: the so-called staining.

Customer experiences

  • 9.6

    Bozzie from Amsterdam

    Everything went perfectly, and the work was done quickly and professionally. All staff was nice and friendly. The result looks great. I would certainly hire them again.

  • 9.2

    Ewoud from Amsterdam

    I enjoyed working with them. There was always time for deliberation and the team that was on sight were always very polite and tidy. Good quality work and very good communication with the owners.

  • 9.5

    Suzanne from Amsterdam

    They delivered great work. They worked nicely, for any extra repairs and work they checked in to see if it was okay with me first, I thought this was very nice. They worked very tidily, cleaned everything up and didn't leave any trash behind. Very nice painters!

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